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What's the magic $ for MSRP? I doubt it could be profitably manufactured and sold for anything less than $2,000. More like in the mid-$2,000s. The only thing that could pull $3,000+ would be serialized engraved safe queen limited editions.

Barrels could be in 2 lengths each for any/all of the following calibers that Jurras and Lomont originally made.
.44 AMP
.41 JMP
.357 AMP
.30 JMP
.30 LMP
.25 LMP
.22 LMP
(and .45 ACP Magnum)

There could be a .44/.41/.357 frame/barrels set, and a .30/.25/.22 frame/barrels set.

And then there's the Baby Auto Mag in .22 LR.
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