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Thanks I'll keep my eyes open for bolt issues .No offence taken . I really wanted to know what you found . Thats what I found as well in my search . Most of those are over a year old . It looks like they had some groing pains when they first started selling complete rifles .. I know that they do MPT on the BCG and stake there gas keys now so those things should not be a problem anymore .The third article down is from this year and that has me concerned . I'm concerned about the feeding problems in that one article from this year . I have 7 30rd PMAGS 2 20rd PMAGS 4 AR Stoner SS mags and 2 other metal off brand mags . The two 20rd PMAGS have feeding problems but the rest of them work great . The two 20rd PMAGS are the older model that I here have issues .

I did a 100 round torture test on the Magpul flip up front sight on a gas block a few weeks ago and the gun had no problems shooting that 100rds . I fired 100rds in 82 sec timed . That does not seem all that fast at first untill you consider I'm in CA . Ten round max aloud per mag . I had to do 10 mag dumps with a bullet button in 82 sec so I was firing pretty fast .

Because of this semi new info I will do more torture testing on both the Del-Tons I own . I'm the type of guy that will shoot the gun (responsible keeping it wet etc ) till it fails to find out if it will work or not .I will not here of thing like this and then just baby my gun . A buddy and I are going out early next year to the desert to do some big time shooting . That weekend will be a 1,000rd 5.56 weekend for sure . I will give a detailed report of how it goes .

For now I have no problems with mine . I've got to say this though . My karma is so bad I cringe a little when I write stuff like this .You watch , because I said all this the next time I go shooting my gun will lay an egg .
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If you have some time IMO this is worth a listen/watch but it takes a few minutes to really get going . or a picture of Mohamed

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