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What is it about the law in Washington State that you believe would support that position?
In what way?
I explained both of those quotes.

There are states in which the perp's background, if unknown to the actor, might well make a difference. Do you know which ones they are?

But Washington is not one of them.

And if you commit a crime, and if you haven't done so before, that may make a difference in sentencing, but it will not affect the question of guilt.
we are in the end humans, not robots. It matters in Washington too. Last I heard one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This woman is pretty much as far away as guilty as you can get(since it is a dream to think she would be arrested for anything in the first place). Sir, you never answered the politics question...forget about that and please forget about waht you think will happen. That being said, do you believe this woman is and/or was guilty of a crime? Please answer if possible and thank you.
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