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I couldnt find the exact wording you were looking for but I did find something out. Glock wasnt even at the 1983 trials, the U.S. requested that they be their but Glock stated that they did not have enough time. They never even had a trial before the M9 was adopted. Although I cannot totally prove that total arms production control was the controling factor, isn't a very odd coincidence (sp) that all M9's are made in the U.S.? Before that, all 1911 were made in the U.S. Atleast Uncle Sam tries to help the economy, or did, anyway. BTW, None of the pistols at the first two initial trials passed. These included I believe atleast two FN's, maybe three, two HK's, the same 1911A1, and some other off the wall names, I think one was Star? I cant remember if Sig was involved. Anyway, I am very certain, I dont trust little birds on my shoulder, that total production control was a large decision factor, if you owned a gun company, would you want people messing with your baby? But, then again it may have turned out for the better, Im sure Glock is doing well.
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