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In the cooler seasons I often carry a glock 19 in a Galco miami classic rig, under a jacket, parka, or bulky sweater... By far, it is the most comfortable way for me to carry.

I have an intestinal condition called which can sometimes make me very sensitive to tight trousers or a tight belt. I often cary IWB with a thin Walther PPS, but sometimes I just can't do it. Shoulder holster is the solution.

In the summer, I sometimes carry the PPS in a Kangaroo cotton shoulder rig under a tee or polo shirt.

90% of my carry is IWB, but I need the option of getting the gun off my hip sometimes.

I practice drawing and dry firing at home. My indoor range does not allow drawing from a holster, any holster.... and I like that ! I don't want to be at a range where people are drawing and firing.
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