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But it wouldn't matter, not one iota; the question is, is there evidence supporting a reasonable belief that unlawtul force was presently threatened.

From the standpoint of whether she was lawfully justified, that's it. Period.
unfortunately you are incorrect. things are not that black and white.

That is completely irrelevant to the question of justification.
Sir, you are way off base and therefore out of line. A lawyer can much more easily prove substantiation(not sure if that's a word) if his client pulls a gun on a convicted sex offender with past issues rather than an 18yr old valedictorian who has never had any problems with the law. You can tell me until you turn blue it doesn't matter, but it won't change the realism in it. There are often many factors that make a difference in 'crimes' not based solely on a definition in a book...another example is how one's size, gender, etc can be perceived as threatening in an argument.
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