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While we may be " ignorant and mis-informed to their own form of government", but we also understand the influence and power of the Presidency. Bills the President does not support (or at least remain neutral) have a very difficult time becoming laws.

And, while the Executive branch does not make the laws, they do make the policies and take the action that enforces laws.

Also, this administration seems more selective about the laws it chooses to enforce than some previous ones.

We all know the current administration supports gun control in their hearts, and would love another AWB, expanded, if at all possible. BUT, they are also well tuned to the political reality that further gun control is a lose/lose proposition, given the current mood of the nation.

Give them some credit, they did try to get us stirred up. But even with the Mexican President berating us as a nation for our lack of gun control, on the floor of Congress, in person, the attempt failed. Fast & Furious backfired on them very badly, resulting in the President having to CYA his attorney general under the mantle of "executive privledge".

As to any petition on the AWB (or any gun control), I say, why poke the bear? He isn't going to change, and if we draw attention to the subject, when there are so many, many, more important things to deal with, it not only reduces their already limited ability to deal with those important things, but they just might manage to get something done along gun control lines. Lose/Lose, for us, too.

As long as they are not making an issue of it, I think the best course for now is to just let it ride, and wait for them to go away. Since the election is over, there is little that can threaten them, so as long as they are focused on other things, reminding them of the "horrid state of gun control" in this country is counter productive.
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