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An oversized bullet can result in higher pressures. This happens when it chambers very tightly because of its diameter and the case cannot expand easily to release the bullet. Such a round will be short enough in OAL, but still get get stuck in the chamber to the point where you will have to pry it out if you don't fire it.

This has nothing to do with shooting bigger lead through a smaller barrel. The shooting will swag several thousandths easily, even with Lyman #2 alloy. Peak pressures may be slightly higher, but the friction of lead against the rifling is why you need less powder for lead than you do jacketed rounds.

Basically if you can chamber it, you can shoot it. noylj has this right. Speaking of which, I've never had trouble shooting any .358" boolits through any of my 9mm guns and they all chamber well, from CZ to Ruger SR9. Just follow the most conservative starting loads of the reloading manuals you own for lead, and ideally use a chrono if you can.
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