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Massive failure. As Bama ranger indicated totally tore up the bolt I used, specifically the fletching. If I was to do it again I would use cheap aluminum bolts or something. At the necessarily short ranges I the judo point was penetrating pretty deep into branches/stumps/ground. I think I took three shots from 10, 20 and, 35 yards and they happened to be one into each type of back stop. The 35 yard was b/c the squirrel was taunting me. All probably kill shots for a deer, but no hits on squirrel. To Horton's credit the three dot reticule is pretty dang close to POI for 20, 30, and 40 yards. Lots of leaves flying, wood exploding and squirrel running. Then I had to pull the bolt out of ground, stump, or limb. The judo points were pretty mangled, but when I shot a fourth across a grass field to unload they still worked

Really a lot of work for what I figure for me is a 10% chance on a pound of meat for shots inside 20 yards. No need to scare the squirrel on the other nine tries. Next time I will take my 22. Maybe after I get a little better with the crossbow I will try again. The three point are close for the specified yardages, but I need to know POI exactly for yardages in between and be able to judge them exactly.
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