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SAAMI conformal piezo spec is 62,000 psi MAP (Maximum Ave pressure) etc etc...
I'm confused.

I'm sitting here looking at the actual SAAMI manual and it clearly lists MAP/223Rem as:

52,000 CUP (page 14)
55,000 psi (page 19)

nowhere is 62,000 anything listed.

American Rifleman notes just recently:

> Manufacturers load .223 Rem. to 55,000 psi, as established by SAAMI
> (Sporting Arms & Ammunition Institute). The maximum average pressure for the
> 5.56 NATO is about 61,600 psi, as established by the U.S. Military.
> This is 11 percent more than .223 Rem. pressures. Because the 5.56
> NATO is a military cartridge, SAAMI hasn’t set pressure limits for it.
> This is why all handloading data published conforms to SAAMI .223 Rem
> pressure limits.

Am I misreading (or missing) something?

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