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As promised...Sorry OP not meaning to hijack, and I don't understand the new photobucket format so apologies for the huge size of pics

note the curious marks on the stock, 7 short and one long evenly spaced hand cut hash marks

with the hammed locked at full cock. the lock reads 1862 TOWER.

you can see where the stock was "whittled off" and the barrel was cut off at a slight angle

Sadly, the stock and brass trigger guard had some kind of varnish applied to them long before I received the rifle. I had always though of trying to remove it with something mild, but was always scared to. Surprisingly, quite a bit of the bluing is still present on the underside of the barrel along with 89 B D a sideways 8 followed by P 166 and then an I right under the breech. The under side of the tang is stamped with what looks like 186 P All the lock parts are stamped with 13 someplace on them as well as the barrel. And there is a F.J directly under the nipple drum.

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