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Good to know there are no flyers, though I'll have to find something else to call them.

Interesting that this should be mentioned. Brings to mind my non-standard case selection from years ago. My 220 Swift (Ruger 77V, finely tuned and bedded and with a Douglas barrel) was and is a fine shooter and at the time I was using Norma cases, all well prepped and partial resized. It shot very nice little groups and I was quite pleased, but...every now and again it shot what we 'used' to call flyers. I was shooting a lot back then and even when I did everything right, I'd still get the occasional flyer. Ya'll know what I mean, in that I was all set up in the bags and the wind is down and you tickle the trigger and know that bullet is on top of the last 3 or 4, but then you look in the spotting scope and it's 1/2 inch out). Following something I read in a shooting magazine or book, I started marking the cases that produced what we once called flyers. If they produced flyers more than twice, I pitched them in the range barrel. Took a long time, but when I got through I had about 60 cases that had passed my tests, and most of the flyers after that were caused and acknowledged by me. I never knew then and I don't know today why certain cases caused less than desired accuracy, but some did. Back then I was shooting a lot of paper and hosting customer hunts. I shot a lot of ammo at varmints while the customers shot deer. That Swift was the only rifle that I shot that much and is the only one that I ever did the case 'rejection' on. That practice just isn't practical for the amount of rifles that I have today, and I really don't want to work that hard. And I really don't think that I can shoot as well as I once did.
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