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I think I should just stick to facts because there's so much other stuff going on in this thread...

Choke, what experience did you have with us? Who did you talk to? When was it? You can email me at [email protected] If anyone misrepresented us, I'd be happy to straighten things out.

Re: seminars -- sure, we want people to come to our seminars. Who doesn't? No one goes through a day of training with us and gets certified in anything. Our certification program is very intense and grueling. You'd love it.

Re: the knife defense you're so worried about -- no such kicks are shown in the instructional portion. There's a segment of the videos that shows dramatized situations. In it, the defender kicks the knife away...after making the actual technique and delivering multiple counterattacks and dropping the attacker. The kick is never made when the attacker is a threat, and it's not part of the technique. This is clear in the video. The technique itself doesn't involve anything of the sort.

Re: law enforcement: arguing this point would suggest that it's a debatable topic, and it's not. We were at FLETC last week, we're in Michigan this week, we'll be in Texas next month. LE considers our training effective, comprehensive, and practical.

You back up your credentials with big names. People who like KM's approach to self defense include Bas Rutten, Marco Ruas, and Oleg Taktarov.

The most interesting part of this thread is the debate regarding the blend of different systems. I still hold that there's a delay caused by conflicting systems -- I've experienced it in people I've fought, even good fighters, who think of punching when a takedown is available, or of a lock when a punch is there to be thrown.
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