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polish surfaces that are ruff/galled , no reshaping or metal removal , avoid the sears it takes a little knowledge/magnification & good stones to adjust em .

Trigger & hammer shimms recommended.

1 area over looked is the well for the trigger return/ trigger latch spring well
polish this with a 13/64 drill bit turned backwards & fine lapping ,finishing with FLITZ

another over looked area is the side of the pawl that rubs the window ,must be smooth.

I use 10# trigger & a 12# hammer , nice pull after smoothing stuff up & 100%reliable even on cci 400 primers.

1 more thing don`t reshape/or remove much from the trigger plunger (1/2 arrow shaped peice) this peice is for trigger reset & if rounded off will not reset .

Also the other end of the pawl spring is what pushes on the trigger plunger make certain it`s free & strong for qwik/positive resets.

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