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Mighty pretty hardware in this thread and I'm not even a "revolver guy" to be sure. I have a comparable amount/diversity of semi's but forgive me not one revolver).

Funny thing is the first handgun I ever shot was my Dad's (RIP) S&W Model 10 service revolver and then his CPD BUG. I never really became a "gun nut" though until after I graduated College (semi 9mm craze had just taken hold) and began to make a few bucks (and I do mean "few" ) that allowed for a reasonable handgun/long-gun collection over the past twenty years.

Long story short, I have always 'browsed' the revolver threads just to maintain a basic knowledge of the industry. But in the last several years I have taken a renewed interests in them (I see them all the time as one of my favorite genres of film are Westerns). Suffice it to say that I will definitively be in contact with Santa about a wheel-gun this Christmas! If I had a "wish-list" for the bearded one I would like to have either a classic Colt Python or a S&W 29 (or 686 or....).

-Happy Holidays
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