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Failures in Both P and R

GAAH! I meant to vote for "both".

Pistol. Ive been to various ranges here and there more than a few times, and the inevitable is bound to happen. I dont own a semi of any kind but Ive fired them at the ranges that allow rentals. I rented a Glock 17 that jammed twice, and took some rock and rollin to get back into action. And this is within two mags of each other. I can't say "well, it was a rental weapon so it wasnt cleaned", since not every semi owner is committed to cleaning their pieces, so that G17 to me represented the average condition of a semi. And Ive had a Ruger P95 jam on me twice in a session.

Revolver. My 649 has always been reliable - except twice. One time the FRONT SIGHT BLEW OFF! The gun was still fire-able except with some major porting on the barrel! S&W fixed it for free though. The other time I bought some super smoky CHEEP 357 mag re-reloads. After a few rounds of five shots the cylinder was jammed shut, and I had to really mess with the release and work the bullet container thingy loose. It took a few minutes and some CLP. Ive fired much fewer rounds in pistols and had more jams, and this doesnt inlucde the MP5 and COlt SMGs that have been available from the rental ranges. Thats it, and I meant to vote BOTH.
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