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A recording of the interview is here. You want the show from 11/18, part 1.

Gresham put Steve Nardizzi in a corner,, wait. He didn't. Nardizzi did that to himself. He claims that the organization "obviously supports the 2nd Amendment" and cites their cross-promotions with hunting events.

However, he claims that WWP doesn't engage in "co-branding" with firearms manufacturers because there's a great deal of regulation on "cause-marketing opportunities," and that the return on investment isn't lucrative enough.

I'm not sure that's any less insulting.

Personally, I remain conflicted. Their policy is obviously and patently offensive.

However, I can't argue with the good work they do. I have friends who've benefited from their assistance. If I were to cease involvement with every company that didn't support the gun culture, I'd need to go through my house and throw a lot of things out.
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