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I was looking at the velocity issue and that is why I was leaning towards a 38 for hunting. Maybe I should ask around and see if anyone has an RWS Beeman I can try. Maybe I should pick-up my Red Ryder from my parents. I don't remember it being so bad.

I do do realize they are complicated, but the regulations surrounding them are not nearly as complicated as those for firearms. Do they have the 11% excise tax firearms do?

The trigger doesn't bother me much. Actually no triggers do. If I were trying to shoot sub-MOA groups at 100 yards off a bench it probably would, but I shoot almost entirely from field positions. Prone I might see some significant benefit, but I don't shoot it prone much. I would much rather all my triggers be exactly the same than any of them light/crisp. An over travel adjustment would be nice on some.
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