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Hearing other coyotes make horrible sounds as they died MIGHT scare them off the area, a net benefit.
In that case, I think I can single-handedly drive coyotes away from just about anywhere. I bought a coyote howling call last year when I thought I'd try to take up hunting them more proactively. That worked really well At that time we were hearing them every night, and hearing them take down prey at least every other night and sometimes in the middle of the day. I saw as many coyotes as I did deer while sitting in the woods deer hunting that season.

Well after two weeks of the terrible mutant zombie coyote sounds I was producing, they up and vanished. Our daytime wildlife activity increased and our nighttime local deer started showing back up. I think I've heard them once since then, and I started screeching through the night at them again for about a week..........not a peep heard since. I don't find the dead animals scattered every where on our property now, and I've even been seeing a couple bobcats again.
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