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Sounds like you had a terrific classifier. Honestly. If done well, stage 3 usually comprises 40-ish % of your total, and you're even a hair under that. That's great news, since it's stage 3 that kills people. Your PDs were very respectable, too. No, you didn't drop too few in stage 1.

Your foundation is sound, and isn't a liability. Even in IDPA, you'll always need to apply the fundamentals, but you'll learn to do it faster. Those who never get this, or who's fundamentals are weak plateau at some point.

FWIW, your "story" isn't unusual. And it's not a liability. Many come from similar backgrounds. In fact, I had the same background when I started shooting competitively 3 years ago. I could shoot 25 yard cloverleafs at my "slow fire only" range before ever shooting for speed or even drawing from a holster. Nonetheless, once I started, I made Master in about a year, then 1st Master in this year's Nationals, Carolina Cup, and Indoor Nationals.

1) Work on draws. I was 1s slower than my buddies in every string of Stage1. Funny thing is I ultimately beat most of them.
Forget it. An ├╝ber-speedy draw isn't where the low hanging fruit is. You just proved that to yourself. Still, a respectable draw time (while shooting -0s) is worth working toward, but don't obsess over it at the expense of more important things.

2) Work on reloads. Just ugly.... nothing better. I had to stop and look at my belt to get and return my clips.
Yes. Reloads are important. As important, though, are the shots before and after. A rippin' reload isn't much good if you've dropped points to get it. Work on your smooth & consistent reloads ad naseum at home via dry fire practice. Be sure to practice tac loads, too (many semi-auto shooters under-utilize them, IMO). You want to get to the point where your reloads are automatic, so they're just one more thing you don't have to think about while shooting a match.

3) Learn to fire the 1st shot without perfect sight picture. My target shooting past is killing me. I need to stop shooting groups around the 0's out of the IDPA target.
While you don't need a perfect sight picture, decide that every shot will be an aimed shot. You'll just learn to aim faster. Yes, you'll have to let go of shooting tight groups, but take advantage of all the acreage the -0 offers. At speed, that -0 gets plenty small.

Here's something important that's not on your list is movement - that's where the low hanging fruit is. Shoot slow, but move quick. And efficiently. And show up at a position ready to shoot.

Finally, don't get too obsessed with your classification. Learn the game, shoot to your ability at matches, and your classification will take care of itself.
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