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What's an 'etc'? Don't believe I've ever used one of those.

Primitive only? Like stone axes primitive?
Maybe the 'etc'. means the car/truck we drive back and forth to our hunting location ???

Maybe primitive should be using long bows/arrows and spears made by the individual hunter out of the best hickory or wood native to his/her surrounding tipped with granite arrow heads or bone from other animals trapped in a homemade snare ?...

...or should we be allowed to use actual b/p long guns and do these have to be match lock, flint lock or side locks shooting nothing but round ball we cast ourselves out of our homemade molds?

You want to hunt in a primitive-equipment season you should use primitive equipment.
Then we have the clothing problem as well as the rest of our hunting equipment such as gutting/skinning knives or even a flashlight to aid in tracking that monster deer shot just before sunset that didn't fall where you shot it. Even with the Indian blood coursing through my veins, homemade torch's would seem a bit dim to follow a blood trail with my fading eyes.

Surely primitive would consist of buckskin and moccasin's we made ourselves along with our knives that we would have to make...maybe out of bone?
And we better never get caught taking our game to a processor. That would never be primitive.

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