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If not for anecdotal evidence Marshall and Sanow would have nothing. The whole reputation of the .357 Magnum and the 125 grain bullet was built on anecdotal evidence and a faulty data set. Actual ballistic testing and forensic wound analysis certainly doesn't support those who claim how superior it is.
The 357 magnum was a known fight stopper long before M&S and the 125 JHP. It has in fact been around since about 1935. This I believe pre-dates the vaunted gelatine testing designed to simulate pig flesh which is believed to simulate human flesh and thereby proving beyond any doubt anything important.

The CHP has used the .40 S&W for 20+ years. It has had excellent officer involved shooting results. There is no way of getting around that fact, or the fact those results are better, than previous results with their old .357 magnum weapons using 125 gr bullets.
As I stated most Chippies were actually required to use 38 Specials. I believe it was actually a 110 Grn +P+ not the 125 I mentioned earlier. Only a few in northern Cali used magnums from 1970 to 1990. The USBP went to 40 S&W in 1995/1996 and used a 155 grn JHP @ 1250 FPS and it worked well.

Semi autos are never going away, LE agencies are never going to carry the .357 Magnum revolver again. The 9mm/40 S&W have proven themselves to be effective. They're here to stay for the foreseeable future.
That was not the question of this thread. What is your point? If you do not like the 357 Magnum don't use it. I use the modern equivalent these days, but that too strays from the subject of the thread.
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