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Hello Scott, Within my humble experience, Series '80 Colts with properly installed, unmodified Series '80 components are reliable. I have been using these guns since 1983, none ever failed to fire. Went to a 1911 training class recently, with instructors very familiar with the platform. They brought up some of the legitimate concerns mentioned by drail. I have seen some of those issues myself and agree with his position that changes should not be made by unqualified persons. The trainers also indicated that a Series '80 Colt, with properly installed Series '80 components, is a reliable system. During my last several years in full time LE, I did carry a Series '80 Colt, and did not spend one moment being concerned whether or not the Series '80 system would function as designed. I never fired my duty Series '80 guns in anger, but they were reliable in all the qualifications/ training we did for years. That being said, I am also comfortable with my other 1911 type guns that do not have a fps system. I can appreciate others feeling that the addition of the extra parts, etc, might compromise reliability...

Ps, I did once run into a shooter a public range that had completely filed off the plunger lever on his Govt. Series '80 Colt and couldn't figure out why his gun would not actually discharge a round. He indicated he'd done it as a trigger job !???
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