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I believe that Mr. F. Guffey is trying to insinuate (albeit in a rambling and disjointed way) that using fillers in general will cause chamber ringing. In other words, I think he is trying warn people away from fillers. (Why he couldn't just SAY that is beyond me.)

So, I will say just what I always say to those who trot out that old swayback nag.....that fillers will likely ring your chamber and ruin your gun. What I say to that is - NONSENSE. Fillers will cause problems if the user does NOT know HOW to use them.....and uses them incorrectly. So, if you don't know how, then DON'T do it. Simple as that. Leave fillers to those who KNOW - or take the time to LEARN - rather than trying to throw a wet blanket over the concept.

I myself (and others here) have been using fillers for many years (over 10 years, in my case)....with NO ill effects whatsoever. I have, in fact, achieved improved accuracy, with jacketed rifle bullets, moderate loads of medium-slow rifle powders (IMR 4895, for example) and dacron fibrefill. I use dacron or cotton wool filler in EVERY one of my paper-patched, cast bullet 8mm Mauser loads (and have for many years) - with excellent accuracy and consistency. With it, I get 2100 - 2200 fps from an 18" barrel, 1.5" or smaller groups at 100 yds, a clean bore after shooting 40 - 50 rounds and no discernible barrel wear - all while using soft, PLAIN base cast bullets (NO gas checks). NO rings in my barrels, either.

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