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I'm glad to hear you take care of your guns too...its a good thing.

I don't know what to tell you about your dad's my experience any problem like that is easily fixed / and it may be an indication that something inside the gun was put back in - incorrectly...but hard to tell.

I'm not a Remington guy.../ but there are a lot of guys at my club...that buy used Remington semi-autos all the time ....clean them up / go thru them --- and they've been using them for "shotgun clinics" etc at our club for many years...

to me, its like handguns, and the debate around guns like 1911's ....where some of us think they're perfect / and some guys say they're junk...maybe I'm just old school.../ but I think a couple of my buddies would tell your dad's buddy that they could fix his gun for under $50 and make it cycle 100%.
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