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Right, nobody just walks around somewhere in the woods.
Right on. We were shooting shotguns one day, bird shot, at targets on the ground and on a stump. About 50 yards downrange of the target, a man walked out of the woods! We safed everything and waited for him to come up. Shot the breeze for awhile and he said he never heard any pellets in the woods or along the trail. I do believe the woods were out of range anyway, but you never know.
In our case, we wouldn't have been shooting there with different loads anyway.

Once, while in Germany, I went cross country to get from the ranges to 'home'. It was quiet until rockets started whizzing by. I was about 400 yards DR of some tank targets. I spotted the shooters and stayed behind the targets until I was within about 80 yards. When they safed all weapons, I stood up and walked out. The Captains eyes kinda bugged out, but he let me stay and fire the panzer-faust a few times.
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