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Hello BigJimP,,,

Notice that I said,,,
I am now officially as old as some species of dirt.
There is still plenty of dirt out there that's older than either of us.

All of the Best-5 .22 target pistols have a model that comes in at around $300.00 to $350.00,,,
I do well financially but want to keep these gifts close to that range,,,
These kids are my friends and I love them dearly,,,
But I ain't their rich grandfather.

loosen up the purse strings a little and pick up a model 18 S&W revolver....
Honestly, that's what I tried to do the weekend before last,,,
I spent 7 hours walking the tables at the Wanenmacher gun show,,,
The least expensive S&W .22 revolver I saw was a snub-nose model 34 @ $575.00,,,
I only saw a few other J-frames and a few Model 18's but they all started over $600.00.

People aren't letting go of their high quality .22 revolvers.

Just on principle I couldn't pay those exorbitant prices,,,
Not when there are other options like the Charter Arms Pathfinder.

If had the money I would get her a S&W 617,,,
And him I would buy a CZ-75B Kadet,,,
Alas, I ain't as rich as I would like.


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