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It would appear that the 9mm is here to stay & like it or not, it makes sense. The 9mm round is used all over the world & is easily available to our military worldwide & it's inexpensive. Beretta also just got another 5 year contract so the M9 is going to be around for a while longer. The contract with Colt is going downhill, mostly because of the junk 1911's Colt's producing for trial testing. Colt offered lifetime replacement of all pistols, but then failed to harden the steel where it needs it most. Cost does play some role in deciding, but the military will never adopt a 1911 .45 pistol unless manufacturers keep cost down and improve upon the original mil-spec design. By improve, I mean to make the metal stronger than the original 1911's to handle the newer high performance .45 rounds. Until then, Colt's 1911's will keep breaking and M9's will stay on top.
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