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I would say the Abrams tank, especially the M-1A2 standard, is the best in the world, but then again, as a Cavalry man, I may be biased.

Furthermore, to reiterate the point already made, during the JCP trial, the Glock had nowhere near the brand recognition it does today, nor was is assembled in the States yes nor did it have an external saftey.

furthermore still, to adapt a new pistol now would require massive expenditures on magazines, spare parts, holsters, mag pouches, cleaning kits, cleaning kit pouches, manuals, posters, etc.

Also, the Beretta is proven preformer, even 9x19 hardball is about worthless as around, whereas, when was the last time Austria went to war?

And in a bit of personal experience, I employed my M-9 exactly once, and honestly, I could have used my M-4 just as easily, so it wasn't a game changer, I would have just as soon ditched it and my five mags for it and been that much lighter on my feet.

Even though as a Southern, I am jealous of the boys in MEU(SOC) getting new M-45s.
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