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Compared to you guys I'm a babe not even out of diapers, but here's a few things that I've done right and few I've done wrong.

1. I bought a Lock n Load AP press. I figured I could use it as a single stage to learn slowly and as I got more experienced I could automate additional steps. I was right about this.

2. Wasted time with stick powder. Ball powder is so fluid and easy to dispense accurately on a progressive press that it is by far my first choice. I'm sure there are good reasons to use stick powder, I just don't know any on them yet.

3. Remove the neck expansion ball on the resizing/depriming die. Its a solution looking for a problem, but it causes several problems.

I would not mess around with spray lubes and pads. Got lots of stuck cases and frustration. Since I switched to Imperial Sizing Wax my Redding stuck case kit is getting lonely.

4. I would stay away from the Hornady New Dimension dies. Suffered a lot of frustration with them. A friend turned me on to using Redding Competion Dies and although they are more expensive they are well worth it.

5. Many guys told me that I would save money and get more accurate ammo. They are right about getting more accurate ammo, but I don't save any money, I just shoot more. And that's just fine with me.

6. Bought a Hornady Lock n Load Case Prep station. In my opinion this is the best case prep tool on the market. It has a small footprint on my bench and makes case prep a snap.
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