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im not sure what a .223 wylde is, and i field stripped the rifle last night, it was not the bolt that was frozen, but the firing pin, took about 20 minutes to pull the cotterpin out in pieces, followed by needle nose vice grips to get the firing pit out, this weapon was never cleaned!!!! the bolt carrier group is now in a bucket of diesel fuel to hopefully soften up the carbon, definatly going to need a firing pin and a cotter pin

I have no sentimental attachment to this firearm, its main purpose was for plinking, however it has been pulled out of the closet for another purpose, coyotes. as the population has swelled dramatically in the past few years, and we are starting to see some wild hogs, if i can get it to shoot correctly, i have no doubts of its coyote ability, however hogs i am not sure, ranges should be under 300yds on both, and shot from under my carport

Metal God, doing well Sir, Yourself?

i will try the recipe for clp, thank you Sir!
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