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The major problem is from owners attempting to "enhance" their guns with "match grade" triggers with that little allen screw on it. The trigger on a Ser. 80 must have full travel before the hammer falls or the plunger will not clear the firing pin. Lock out some of the trigger's travel and you have compromised the Ser. 80 system. I have a box of chewed up firing pins and plungers from Ser. 80 guns that owners played with to make it "better" and the hammer struck the firing pin before the plunger was fully retracted. Get enough burrs on the firing pin or the plunger and they can get stuck. When a trigger job is done on a Ser. 80 the timing of the firing pin system can be retarded and if it's not brought back in time the firing pin plunger will cause problems. This does not mean you can't get a very nice trigger pull on one but it takes little more work and testing.

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