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Anybody ever have an 1187 Premier? I've been looking at used ones because I've never heard anything bad about them only heard bad things from the new 1187 sportsman
I've had an 11-87 Premier since 1993. It has been a fantastic firearm. In all that time, I recall it having jammed only one time, and that was because I re-assembled it improperly. The blued finish on the steel and the satin finish of the stock have held up extremely well. Honestly - the only visible wear is some of the gold plating off the trigger. This gun has been shot a lot over 19 years.

Oh and btw I would love to get an 1187 but I jut hear too many negative reviews on them! It's kind of scared me away from them
That's too bad. Like any gun manufactured in extremely large numbers over a long period of time (25 years now for the 11-87), there are bound to be a few vocal folks who got a lemon. The other 99.99% of folks have been pleased as punch.
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