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MG, the show is on Sundays.

I listened to the interview with Steve Nardizzi, CEO at WWP, on Tom's Sunday show. You can listen via podcast, or download it to your computer and play the JPG audio.

Mr Nardizzi, is a lawyer. Now there's SOME good lawyers out there, but try to nail one down to get a clear statement from one. Like pinning a snake to a board in a straight line! . Mr Nardizzi is no different. I've seldom heard so much double talk and waste of breath like that. Tom G. repeatedly tried to get him to admit they're just plain anti-gun.

Bottom line is they won't co-brand with anything that they can't get a return on investment, ROI. Specifically, you couldn't use their logo on a gun or knife. It's mainly because of lawyers behind every bush, ready to sue if your logo is used and somebody gets hurt or doesn't like your involvement.

My bottom line is I'm going to block their access to my checking account, which is how they would get my monthly pledge.
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They're going to get their butts kicked over there this election. How come people can't spell and use words correctly?
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