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It is not know for certain that the .357 has more terminal effectiveness than a .45 ACP, or a .40 at all, or if it has more real world effectiveness than 9mm for that matter. In fact, anecdotal police evidence points to the 180 grain .40 S&W being every bit as effective, in fact more so than the old 125 grain .357 in the California Highway Patrol's hands. They used the 125 grain .357 from 1970-1990, they have used the .40 S&W from 1990-till today. Thats along time with a lot of shootings, autopsy and officer reports give the 180 grain .40 S&W higher marks.
If not for anecdotal data on stopping power you would have nothing. Actually most CHP personnel used 125 grain 38 specials and very few were authorized magnums. You would be better served to check stats of an agency such as the USBP that used magnums.

In my experience the .357 mag is a much more versatile round than most of those shot from semis. It's a decent hunting round with the right load and bullet and does well from a levergun. It can be more powerful than the 9mm or 45acp. Most such loads though are not so useful in an urban self defense scenario.

That power is what makes it a magnum.
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