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I understand Curly's comment....but I have buddies that shoot a wide variety of 11-87's on the skeet and sporting clays fields....and most of them have been shooting them for over 30 yrs with no issues...

I'm not a big Remington shotgun fan ( in any configuration - from their pumps, to semi-autos or their O/U's --- primarily because they don't "Fit" me vs anything mechanical ....but I don't think Curly's experience is typical with the 11-87's.
In full disclosure ...the only semi-autos I shoot these days are also Benellis which I like very much / they're both Benelli Super Sport models / a 12ga and a 20ga...and I've had them for about 8 yrs I guess...and they've been solid guns as well. They aren't my primary guns ( Browning O/U's are my primary guns in all 4 gagues ).....but the Benelli's have been solid "travel" , or "inclement weather" guns for me -- and "training " guns...for new shooters, some of my grandkids, etc...
If I were going to buy a gas operated gun for would probably be one of the Beretta 391's. like the parallel taget model....

good, basic gun in my view.....with a 3" chamber...

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