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and even what looked like a .22 projectile grown over in the lower leg by the foot/ankle area of a turkey
I shot a doe a couple years ago that had a really bad limp in one of her front legs, and while cleaning her found what looked like a .22 bullet in the bone just above the elbow joint. I can only hope this was a stray random bullet and not one that was actually fired on purpose at her. But with the way people are sometimes............

On the broadhead choice, I've only ever shot deer with the 2 blade Rage 100gr. heads, so can't speak about others. Personally I've had pretty good results with them. After trying several different fixed blade heads on my old PSE I tried the Rage and they actually flew and hit the same as my field tips, so that's what I stuck with. As I understand it, the Rage, Gators, and Schwacker (sp?) broadheads are all essentially the same with only minor differences between brands.

I'm planning on picking up a box of Slick Tricks soon though, been very eager to try them out. Probably either the Razortricks or the new Vipertricks.
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