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Hello again nate45,,,

.22 lr can sometimes have function issues, in any semi auto,
I think about that factor quite a bit.

I know I can teach anyone to deal with those issues,,,
I would hate to gift them something that stays in a closet,,,
So I'm tending towards revolvers just for their pure simplicity.

Several months ago I gifted a slightly used Ruger 22/45 to a graduate,,,
It was the very basic 4.5" slab-side barrel with fixed sights,,,
It was a pistol I had purchased new and knew it worked.

A few months back I said, "Hey, lets go shooting.",,,
He was very embarrassed to say he disassembled it for cleaning,,,
And was never able to get it back together again and reluctant to ask for help.

After I bopped him up-side the head for not telling me,,,
I helped him learn the procedure and he's back to shooting again.

That's one reason I am tending towards a revolver,,,
As you said, the Pathfinder has some definite good qualities for a first gun.


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