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Some people just can't be pleased and have issues with the smallest details i guess.

Jim watson Give your cw9 a couple hundred rounds fired and you may find those low powered reloads will run fine. Just have to softin up that heavy recoil spring.

2weelz4me How reliable these or many other small lite weight pistol are can be effected buy handgun prep on the owners part, ammo used and skills of the shooter. Get any of these wrong and its the guns fault ,right. Note that the plastic wear you see does not matter. really!!! Those plastic rails are there to add assembly and help keep dirt out. Cut the excess off it won't matter. the slide runs on the two rails at the rear and the two rails down in the front next to where the recoil spring resides. But by know you know that.

These pistols when new , cleaned and well lubed held firmly and useing a better quality ammo or heavier bullet weights break in very easily. And WWB may not be the ammo to use . I bought my first kahr from a guy like you, great pistol. Don't like it sell it be thankfull you did not buy one of the bad glocks that are part of the gen 4 upgrades or you may just fell apart over it ,hehe.

Plouffedaddy good review on your pistol.

I have been luck to buy 3 different small light weight problem handguns of different makes from unhappy owners and all ran great with nothing to do but treat them right and feed them well.
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