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1st IDPA Classifier, actually several 1sts

A few shooter buddies and I setup and ran the IDPA classifier for the 1st time at BOTW this weekend.

Here is where my story is probably different.....

1) I fire 1000s of rounds thru my stock 9mm Glock 34 per year at a local slow fire range.

2) I have never (actually never ever, if that is longer)...
a) drew a pistol
b) worn a holster
c) used a clip holder
d) tactical reloaded
e) reloaded for speed

3) I am primarily a target / small group shooter.

4) I was terrified of shooting myself in the leg while removing/reholstering the gun, so I moved at a very controlled pace.

Stage 1:
1: 4.26
2: 3.95
3: 4.28
4: 7.66
5: 4.67
6: 12.00 (slow reload)
7: 10.55
Total: 47.37+(2*0.5)= 48.37

Stage 2:
1: 6.21
2: 6.88
3: 17.77 (took 5s+ to reload)
4: 6.77 ( can't believe it but scored a miss)
Total: 37.63+(10*0.5)= 42.63

Stage 3:
1: 20.81 (took 3s+ to get clip into holder)
2: 20.22
3: 7.61
Total: 48.64+(18*0.5)= 57.64

133.64s + (30*0.5) = 148.64

This basically slides into the lowest reaches of Sharpshooter for the SSP, but on the good side, I know I have 10s of seconds of time to shave.

A couple questions....

1) I was reading about the 10% penalty rule of thumb, I suspect my -1s on the 1st stage is too accurate. Agree or shoot well and save the penalties for Stage 3?

2) Anyone see any patterns in the numbers?

3) Is the following the best plan for me?

My plan....

1) Work on draws. I was 1s slower than my buddies in every string of Stage1. Funny thing is I ultimately beat most of them.

2) Work on reloads. Just ugly.... nothing better. I had to stop and look at my belt to get and return my clips.

3) Learn to fire the 1st shot without perfect sight picture. My target shooting past is killing me. I need to stop shooting groups around the 0's out of the IDPA target.

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