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The irony of selecting broadheads from dead deer to tell us what doesn't work!
Was thinking the same thing as I was reading the same interesting link posted by Gazpacho.

As our different deer seasons fall in Ohio, finding inside a deer, a portion, or a complete broadhead(and many times part of an arrow shaft) is not a rare occasion. Our bow season starts the end of Sept and runs till the first week of Feb. The first deer rut usually peeks sometime around Nov. 15th. During our bow only season. Our shotgun season is always the 1st Monday following Thanksgiving.
Soooo...if a bow hunter hits a deer and the shot is not lethal and not a pass through shot during the 1st rutting period, guess where the broadhead is going to be.

Like many hunters, I've shot deer during shotgun/BP season simply to put them out of their misery from prior archery as well as gun shots. Bottomline is, unfortunately, all our shots are not always lethal, the game escapes and fortunately, sometimes lives. If the projectile used doesn't pass through then it's obviously going to inside.

Having butchered deer and have found old wounds, another time...what looked like a piece of 'grown over' barbed wire inside a deer, found old buckshot and even what looked like a .22 projectile grown over in the lower leg by the foot/ankle area of a turkey(taxidermist found it, had turkey mounted with projectile in leg and you can see it under the skin ) , it just doesn't surprise me what might be hiding inside the carcass of a healthy looking animal.

IMO, the link that Gazpacho quoted, is a great reminder that we need to very careful from the time we start field dressing game till the butchering is complete at the house. Then be very careful when preparing/cooking wild game. Would really ruin a hunt to down our prize deer and when gutting out in the middle of no-where to run our hand blindly up into deer's chest cavity to pull and cut the windpipe, only to cut our hand to the bone by an old broadhead.

Can't hardly carry it afield but, makes me think of wanting to put my old metal detector to use at least before the butchering at home takes place.

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