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Certainly, using the term "history" gives a poster artistic license to use his own definition of the term.

It's my assertion that when you look at the sheer number of different products, the wide range of those products in most all areas of firearms, the blatant and colossal success of those products in the market, the ingenuity and innovative manufacturing technique of the company and that company's reputation for quality and service...

It's not a close comparison.

Opening a debate and taking a stand on Colt vs. Ruger or Smith & Wesson vs. Ruger is much more compelling and thought provoking. To suggest that High Standard holds some (any?) manner of "history" that might put them in a place above & beyond Ruger is folly. It would be like suggesting that the Tucker Automotive company has more "history" than does Honda Motor Company because Tucker's venture in to automobiles preceded Soichiro Honda's by a couple of decades.

(FWIW, Tucker also designed and built a military vehicle with a gun turret mounted on it that got the interest of the U.S., so he's likely got more "gun history" than Mr. Honda does. But if the debate is automotive, I think we could agree that Honda Motor has a wee bit more "history.")
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