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Originally Posted by NuGunner01 View Post
I am a newbie who started shooting only earlier this year and I find the thread of this conversation very interesting and educational - having gone through the same process myself. I totally commiserate with you since I also like to do a lot of research myself about any item that I'd like to acquire. For a number of good reasons (read my lips - "Navy Seal"), I acquired a Sig Sauer P226 Enhanced Elite chambered in 9 mm Luger for my first pistol, did some serious plinking at the local target range in the company of an experienced shooter with emphasis on safe gun handling, took some formal lessons in competitive shooting, participated in some local USPS/IDPA practice matches and then onto the real thing. I like to think that my CFE (continuing firearm education) has made me a better person in more ways than one. More importantly, I am having the time of my life. Whatever pistol you end up purchasing, rest assured it won't be the last. I have since acquired a G34, HK45 (the "modern 1911"), XDM 5.25" (40SW) and a few SW revolvers to boot and just recently, a Colt AR15 and a Remington 870 Marine Magnum - dreaming of participating in multigun matches. I am aso modifying the latter for occasional trap shooting. Based on my limited experience, these are all excellent firearms. However, for whatever it is worth, there seem to be more after market parts for Glocks, XD/XDM and Smith & Wesson MP's.
Oh BTW I almost forgot, I also have a 0.22LR pistol for cheap practice - a Hammeli Xesse. The problem with most 0.22LR pistols is that the disassembly and assembly are challenging for most beginners. The Hammerli does not have this problem. Good luck.
Many of those guns are unfortunately out of my price range. I would love a p226. I dont want a poly gun for my first gun though.

I believe the RIA 1911. 22 is a true 1911 and can be disassembled as such. I have heard that you can swap the .45 slide, barrel, and magazines onto the frame without an issue.

I am back on the fence regarding my decision for a 9mm over a .45 round. The Girsan 1911 S model sold at budsguns looks very attractive and the gun is very highly reviewed. Sub $500 too...

Originally Posted by TrueTexan View Post
As for your 22 you might want to look at the Ruger 22/45
I will keep that one in mind when I head over to the gun store soon.

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