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Hey Aarond, I have no idea what to suggest. My short list contains a CZ75 compact on it and the Smith & Wesson M&P22. I think it will be the M&P22 first as that's what I can afford. What I like about it ... I like the machined aluminum slide, it looks like it is really nicely done. And I like the fell of it and how well it mimics the M&P line. Haven't shot one yet though (maybe tonight).

Hope the 60's go well for you. I just tipped 50 this year myself. Would be traumatic but except for a few more pains, I don't feel much different than 40 ... and my wife still thinks I act like I'm 20.

But hey, whatever .... Happy Birthday Man!!!

(btw - I took your Caje & Kirby post and hung them on my cube wall ... it's gets some good laughs)
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