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Hello Sparks1957,,,

I wish I could "buy 'em all",,,
But for now I'll have to make a decision on just one of the guns,,,
After the new year passes I'll probably have enough squirreled away for another purchase.

I'm leaning towards the Charter Arms Pathfinder for the young lady,,,
When we went shooting for the first time she liked revolvers,,,
She wasn't enamored at all by the SAA single action guns,,,
She thought my Bersa 22 and Beretta Model 87 were ok,,,
But she fell in big love with my Model 18 and Model 15.

For the past 6 months I've been trying to find a Model 18 for her,,,
But the people who own them are like me and won't sell,,,
At least they won't sell for a price I'm willing to pay,,,
Even on gunbroker the prices are $600.00 or more.

The Evil Pawn Shop Guy will sell me a brand spanking new Pathfinder for $325.00,,,
That's cheaper than a Taurus Model 94 and is a gun I have some faith in.

If she had shown more interest in the semi's,,,
I would definitely lean towards the Ruger SR-22 pistol for her.

The young man on the other hand shot several revolvers of mine,,,
But he gravitated towards the duty style semi's I own,,,
In true testosterone style he liked the priciest one,,,
I'm not buying him a CZ-75B Kadet.

It's a SR-22 for him or nothing at all.

This pistol purchase is definitely for the young lady though,,,
She is graduating with honors this May and moving to Washington State,,,
I want her to have a handgun that she will continue to practice/learn to shoot with.


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