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What should my birthday handgun be?,,,

Saturday the 17th was my 61st birthday,,,
I am now officially as old as some species of dirt.

So now I am trying to decide what new handgun to buy for myself.

I have all the centerfire handguns I need and/or desire,,,
So my next handgun will be a .22 rimfire of some ilk.

In all actuality I probably won't keep the gun for very long,,,
I have two young friends who are graduating from university next May.

Whatever I purchase now will be for me to play with for a while,,,
Then I'll wrap some leather around it to enhance the gift.

A lady friend of mine has a Charter Arms Pathfinder in .22 LR,,,
I have fired that gun on many occasions and like it,,,
The trigger action smoothed out very nice.

I'm also considering the Ruger SR-22 pistol,,,
I like it because it emulates many duty pistols out there.
I especially like the fact that it employs a safety/decocker as well.

Both of these guns are available today at the Evil Pawn Shop.

I like the old world simplicity of a DA/SA revolver,,,
No worries about the type of ammunition you can feed to it,,,
With no magazines to worry about it's a simple point and click interface.

But even though it is the physical shape (read tactical) that I'm not fond of,,,
I do appreciate the way Ruger has designed the controls of the SR-22,,,
Two mags, ambidextrous safety/decocker, and two grip inserts,,,
This is a very nicely equipped duty style .22 pistol.

Oh decisions decisions decisions,,,
Which one do I want to play with before gifting it away.


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