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Here's the thread where we posted the recap of the event last Saturday: It's the same thread that had most of the pre-game info in it too.

I had a great time too, and also noticed that our group was "conspicuously safe" at all times regarding the handling of firearms and ammunition.

I would suggest that any Ohio TFLers who didn't make it to the event that would like to come to the next should contact you to be added to the mailing list. I know there were a few who were unable to attend. We'll also post a thread here so as not to leave anybody out.

The next TFL software upgrade is due in the next month or so, and it contains a "private messaging" feature that will allow TFLers to maintain a "buddy list" for messages such as these. I would forsee that each state could have its own buddy list to facilitate local get-togethers like this.
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