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Any downside to the S&W15 Sport

A younger (late 30s) shooter from the neighborhood has asked my advice on an AR. I've taken him to my gun club a couple times. He has big eyes for the high enders but wifey has him on a short chain.

I do not own an AR and have been looking at them myself in the last year. I've heard good things about Spikes, Windham, SW Sport to name a few at the lower cost level. I have not seen any of these at my club. They show up in small quantities and usually sell out quickly. Personally, I like what I know about the Spikes.

I recommended the SW Sport. Still can be had under $700.

I sometimes regret giving advice when folks come back about this or that not being as great as they expected. I have told him the rifle does not have the forward assist, dust cover, chromed barrel along with the good reports I've read.

I have told him to come here and do his own homework but doubt he will.

Other than the three things I've mentioned, please tell me any other problems, concerns, issues you've had with this rifle.

NO MORE good reports or rave reviews please, I've read them all. Just the downside on what I don't know about this rifle.

He will be a casual shooter, no war gamer.

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