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Today is the day!

Well I really felt that I should have spent the night outside the only store in town that issues licences, but my sleeping bag was left at the Deer Shack.
Anyway at 12 noon the few left over tags will go on sale and I sure would like one!
this is the news release from the DNR on this sale;
Media contact: Dan Stark, large carnivore specialist, 218-999-7802.

Surplus late wolf season licenses go on sale Monday

Applicants not selected in this year’s early or late season wolf license lottery can purchase a surplus hunting or trapping license on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at noon on Monday, Nov. 19, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said today.

There are 187 surplus hunting licenses and 130 surplus trapping licenses available for the late season. The late season begins Saturday, Nov. 24, and concludes Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013, provided late season harvest targets in each of Minnesota’s three wolf zones are not met.

Eligible hunters and trappers may purchase a surplus license of their choice regardless of the season they selected when applying for the lottery. When buying a surplus license, purchasers must specify a firearm license to hunt or a wolf trapping license to trap. An individual may purchase only one wolf license.

Surplus late season wolf hunting and trapping licenses are valid when the late season is open in any of the state’s three wolf zones.

Trappers born after Dec. 31, 1989, must have a trapper education certificate to purchase a surplus wolf trapping license if they have not purchased a trapping license in a previous license year.

If all licenses are not purchased by unsuccessful applicants, any eligible hunter or trapper, regardless of whether he or she entered the wolf season lottery, may purchase a remaining late season license beginning at noon on Wednesday, Nov. 21.

Surplus wolf licenses are available from any DNR license agent or online at Online buyers should proceed to checkout immediately after selecting a surplus wolf license and quickly submit payment information to improve their chances of obtaining a license.

The DNR allocated 2,400 wolf licenses for the late hunting and trapping season.

Complete wolf hunting regulations are available online at
No tag for me.
The sale was over in 30 seconds!
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