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So what is a gun if it's not loaded.... a club!!
This incident demonstrates that such hyperbole is, indeed, hyperbole. There are instances in which a defender has the time to chamber a round. The problem is that a defender doesn't always have the time to chamber a round.

I carry chambered, but I have also pointed out more than once that some methods of carry that do not raise such vehement objections - kangaroo pouches, ankle holsters, belly bands, tuckable holsters, for example - create similar delays in presentation, at least in some situations, and often require two hands. I am not saying that carrying without a round chambered is preferable, but neither is a person who chooses to carry thus as helpless as someone without a firearm. No offense, but it is not a club - it is a firearm that, with a certain amount of training and awareness, can be made ready for defense in fairly short order.
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